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Smart Traffic Lights

The world's first experimented traffic light management system that uses Floating Car Data.


Road intersections regulated by traffic lights are crucial junctions for urban mobility, but traditional pre-set cycles lengthen travel times, cause congestion, noise and air pollution.

The traditional traffic lights based on fixed times cannot efficiently manage the traffic flow, and the current alternatives often require costly installation of sensors under the road surface which make an intervention in large urban areas prohibitive.

Our solution

Smart Traffic Lights improves existing infrastructure with easy-to-install and affordable IoT technology, interconnected via App to users' smartphones, to regulate traffic flows dynamically.

Smart Traffic Lights uses affordable sensors to upgrade traffic lights and put them in communication with mobile devices. Data sent to a central server allows Artificial Intelligence to regulate traffic light cycles, significantly reducing waiting times and fuel consumption not only for connected users, but also for all other drivers.

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