Smart City Brain

The creation of an Intelligent Transportation Systems is the key to solve the problems of urban mobility. SCB is a platform composed of independent modules that allow the monitoring and management of multiple aspects of user mobility. SCB optimizes the existing infrastructures towards new sustainability and efficiency standards through the use of innovative IoT and ICT technologies.

Smart Traffic Lights

The world's first experimented traffic light management system that uses Floating Car Data.

Smart Transit

Real-time data on public transport fleets, to optimize its management and promote user satisfaction.

Smart Parking

Turn any smartphone into a driving system that guides the user to the first available parking nearby.

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Smart Traffic Control

Estimate traffic levels on the road network, predict changes over time and provide notifications to users.

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Smart Sharing

An engaging platform that assists and rewards users who choose car sharing.

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Smart Eco-Safety

Promote a safe and sustainable driving style through a compelling gamification system.

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Smart Pedestrian

An innovative tool to support and promote sustainable mobility on foot or by bike.

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Smart Heritage

An innovative tool to promote sustainable mobility and digital tourism.

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