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Smart Transit

Real-time data on public transport fleets, to optimize its management and promote user satisfaction.


Road transport is still one of the most widely used public transport systems for urban and extra-urban travel, but the obsolescence of vehicles and management tools does not allow to reach adequate efficiency and service standards.

Buses and coaches are often the only public mobility option in medium and small-sized cities, but public and private transport companies still rely on old vehicles and insufficient digital equipment to guarantee a level of quality capable of satisfying modern users' needs.

Our solution

Upgrade the vehicles with an on-board unit equipped with sensors capable of acquiring and transmitting real time information to check the quality of the service and optimize every aspect of the fleet.

Essential data on the state of operation of the vehicles and their maintenance, assisted by a dedicated App available to users to provide information and ticketing services, collect feedback and promote customers fidelity through engaging gamification mechanisms.


Smart Transit allows you to:


With a real-time check of all the systems, through specific advanced algorithms and on-board sensors, Smart Transit is able to signal anomalies on the functioning of the vehicles during ordinary operation, allowing a "predictive" maintenance management.


Real-time control of the operating status of the fleet, providing information on the positioning and status of the vehicles, to check adherence to the scheduled program. On-board passengers load and advanced spatial analysis of data are able to support the company in planning new services or modify existing ones.


The on-board sensors guarantee control over comfort parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality and noise level.


A dedicated App allows users to access ticketing services, get information on their journey, express feedback on the quality of the service and get involved in engaging activities during their itinerary, improving their experience from every point of view.

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