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A revolutionary training system to monitor and improve athletes performance through innovative wearable technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.


In the world of Athletics, competition has reached unprecedented levels. Traditional training methods have limits that our technology can help you overcome.

Professional coaches know how important it is to keep track of the condition of their athletes to get the most out of their workouts and prevent injuries. But experience and professionalism alone may be insufficient to accurately monitor the conditions of a team of athletes and establish the correct training plans in a timely manner.

Our solution

The union between our wearable sensors and sophisticated AI allows to monitor vital parameters and performance of each athlete in real time.

A comfortable chest belt equipped with advanced sensors, connected to a dedicated mobile app based on innovative AI algorithms, allows coaches to always have the physical condition of each individual athlete under control, obtaining valuable, real time data and suggestions on how to optimize training and prevent dangerous injuries.


WeaRun allows you to:


WeaRun sensors send, wirelessly and in real time, data about the athletes biometrics and performance throughout the training session, directly to the coach's mobile device provided with the dedicated App


A sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm, developed with the help of professional trainers, is able to keep track of performances over time, learn weaknesses and strengths and suggest training plans to improve athletes' physical condition and technique.


By monitoring each training session in real time, WeaRun is able to promptly and accurately report alterations to the parameters that may predict the onset of an injury.


Create a detailed database with the information gathered from the training sessions to keep under control the status of each athlete.

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