Projects & Research

Transferring our academic and professional experience into concrete solutions with tangible results: this is the challenge we face every day, guided by the passion for innovation and the desire to show our customers the great possibilities offered by new technologies.






AR Park Adventure

A zero-impact solution to make every nature trail an immersive, unforgettable experience.

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The sustainable technology of Bluetooth Beacons joins a sophisticated mobile app designed to follow the path of families and hikers along nature trails. Engaging gamification systems combined with Augmented Reality will allow to realize all the educational and entertainment potential of the natural parks, adapting them to the needs of the new digital tourism without affecting in any way their pristine beauty.

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On Call LPT

A sustainable local public transport system on demand, perfect for small urban centers.
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A mobility solution designed for small towns, which through the use of electric buses and an app available to users with reduced mobility, is able to offer a service with high innovative and social value. At its core, a platform equipped with AI and Machine Learning algorithms able to analyze the demand and manage in real time the availability, the times and the best routes in full autonomy.

Project developed for Regione Calabria

Smart Driving Experience

Engage drivers and support a safer, sustainable driving style.

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In the automotive sector more than in others, digital innovation has changed customer habits and needs. Our solution dedicated to automobile clubs allows, through a sophisticated mobile app, to guarantee drivers a new and engaging experience based on the modern advantages of gamification. The objective: to encourage sustainable and safe driving styles, retain members, create new value and opportunities for all the economic actors involved.

Project developed for ACI Cosenza .
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Mobile Evac System

Test your emergency plan and assist evacuation through smartphones.
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A reliable indoor system based on wi-fi technology able to connect to any mobile device, to provide important assessments on the efficiency of evacuation plans and, in case of emergency, guide users in real time to the safest exits via dynamic routes that avoid dangerous bottlenecks, even in poor visibility conditions.