COVID-19 Innovation Suite

Technologically advanced solutions to face the crisis, adapt to changing conditions and guarantee the new safety and sustainability standards required by the COVID-19 emergency.







On-board crowding control system for public transport.

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The COVID-19 emergency has imposed new safety measures for public transport services, including social distancing. Passenger transport companies must rethink their models to offer safe and reliable services. SAFE TRANSIT identifies in real time the load of passengers on board and guarantees the distancing, collecting useful data for users and managers.

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A sustainable local public transport system on demand, perfect for small urban centers.
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The new safety criteria imposed by the Covid-19 emergency and the need to guarantee user-oriented services to reduce costs in areas with weak demand, oblige to reinvent people transport services. EASY BUS allows administrations to provide services based on local needs, optimizing costs and keeping quality and safety standards high.


Distancing Wirstband for indoor and outdoor activities.

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The Covid-19 emergency has made essential the use of devices that guarantee safety at work and in places of aggregation. DisBAND is the smart bracelet that helps monitor the distance between the people who wear it. Equipped with bluetooth technology, it is perfect for use in closed places (workshops, gyms, clubs) or outdoors (beaches, resorts, sport fields).

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AI powered system for tracking and planning cycle paths.
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Post Covid mobility will be based on the construction of new cycle paths throughout the urban and suburban area. BIKEWAYS offers useful tools to enjoy the benefits of sustainable mobility and allows administrations to trace the flows that move on cycle paths to collect all the data useful for managing, optimizing and expanding the network.