Smart-Oriented Mobility Solutions

SOMOS is an innovative Startup and Academic spin-off of the University of Calabria offering innovative solutions in Mobility Management, Transport Planning and Logistics.

The company’s mission is to create a link between the research developed in the academic field and its application in the transport sector, with the aim of improving their quality in terms of performance, safety and environmental and economic sustainability.

Somos transform academic research in high-tech products and services for citizens, businesses, institutions and managers of road infrastructure.



Smart Traffic Light comes from the academic world and is ready for industrial research and experimentation. It is based on adaptive control traffic lights controlled by the location of instrumented vehicles.
This system is a new alternative to the more expensive traditional methods for the development of adaptive systems, traffic light and represents a valuable tool to support the management of traffic in a road network, allowing the detection of the volumes and user information.

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Integration of multiple sensors (GNSS, accelerometer, pressure, humidity, etc.) into a single tool that dialogue remotely with a central to the processing and data management.

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Humidity monitoring

  • Noise monitoring

  • Brightness levels monitoring

  • On board vibration monitoring

  • Luggage real time check

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About Us


Development, production and marketing of products and / or innovative services with high technological content mainly aimed at introducing innovation in the sector of transport, with particular reference to surveys and analysis of the mobility component of both private cars and on public transport, to control of vehicular traffic conditions in urban and suburban, for road safety analysis and, more generally, to smart mobility applications, in the broadest sense of the term.


Public Transport 95%
Mobility Management 89%
Road Safety 97%
Microsimulation 90%

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